Gutsmuthsstrße ~ Life of a Street - Jeanette Lamb

Gutsmuthsstrße ~ Life of a Street

Gutsmuthsstrße ~ Life of a Street

Lake Bracciano is just outside of Rome (an hour by train give or take).  There are three semi populous villages around the main lake: Bracciano (where one will find a stunning castle), Anguillara -- sits on a cape, high up overlooking the water, stunning setting with a particular flavor that's its own. Frevignano Romano, bustling and by the water's edge.   

Jeanette Lamb

Jeanette is a freelance Artist. She lives in Berlin, Germany.
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Gutsmuths Strasse ~ Life of a Street ...When first built in 1878, GutsMuthsstraße was named, Mountain Road. The name was quickly changed to "Turner Road," that same year after the incorporation of the city. Again, in 1894 it was renamed, " GutsMuthsstraße" -- (after the teacher JCF GutsMuths , 1759-1839). In 1873, the Leipzig lawyer and industry pioneer Dr. began C. Heine (1819-1888) with the construction of several industrial tracks, fanning developed by the Plagwitz station from the industrial area Plagwitz-Lindenau. Two of these tracks led up to the west side of the [then] mountain road. Just three years after its creation, on 24 December 1881, a new tram line opened in Leipzig connecting present day Jahnallee/Leibnizstraße – Waldplatz – Angerbrücke – Kuhturmstraße (>) / Dreilindenstraße () / Merseburger Straße (

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