Equipment (part I)

As the world of photography becomes more and more inundated with photo enthusiasts, a person can easily become overwhelmed. The endless list of "possible" camera purchases combined with extras, -- including lens, camera bags, and computer software -- can put a lot of folks off photography with the simple conviction that it's too expensive.

The reality is that it can be expensive.

Very, very expensive. 

However, like wine shopping, price does not necessarily reflect quality. Point in case, there are a number of people who take really great photos with mobile phones. The entire mobile photography movement is worthy of checking out if for no other reason than to be inspired by what can be done with so little equipment. 


Wittenbrug, Germany

This image was taken with an itouch (imagine an iphone without the phone). 

Photo apps I added to my itouch were either free or cost me only a few dollars, that otherwise would have been spent at itunes. Some of the phone apps offer an amazing array of options, including ISO, which allows the user to change light settings -- a desirable feature that offers a lot of command.   

I often get asked if there are good cameras for under (or around) $500. 

There are! 

Rather than blow the bank, investing in the low-end of the "high-end," Canon Rebel is well worth its price.  Add a 300mm low-end lens for $200 & you will be off to the races. 

If you or the person you are buying for is a camera novice, what I would NOT do is invest a lot more than this into a camera someone may or may not truly use.

I know people who've sunk over $10,000 in camera equipment. Unless you are an out of the box professional, do not do this.  For one thing, the technology of lower end camera is nothing to sneeze at. Second, the world is flooding with professional cameras being shot  by dudes while wearing sunglasses. It's painful.

Camera gear is not a fashion accessory, people! I have only $1000 in mine -- I take great photos and look good doing it, not because of the camera so much as, I am doing what I appear to be doing. 

I recently did have to upgrade & buy a new one, which meant spending more money & more research.  

After 4 years & 150,000 + shots, when my Canon Rebel XS bit the dust, there was little anyone could do, short of giving me a camera, to convince me buying another Canon was the wrong way to go.        

It was difficult to make a decision between lingering in the entry level Canon Rebel series & the semi-professional, higher end Canon EOS Series. I made of list of features that mattered to me, beyond price.


1. Speed (how many images per second a camera can take).

2.Pixels (pixels make up the detail in digital photography...the more, the merrier). 

3. ISO (light sensitivity range) This turned out not to matter as much as I wanted it to.


1. Both options I was looking at offered 18.0 pixel resolution.

2. The Rebel takes 5 frames per second. The EOS: 5.3.   

Twice I went to the store & twice the Canon Rebel seduced me.

 Now, let me tell you why...

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