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Paths between Beate and myself began to cross as a result of our shared neighborhood; we frequented the same coffee house, me more often than her. This made it statistically unlikely our lives would not intersect. Plus, though it was not known to me at the time, we had several friends in common. This made her particularly interesting, most my friends were ten or more years younger than me.

Beate and I are close enough in age that we've a shared history --- our formative years were shaped by the Cold War; we came of age at a time when our countries were sworn enemies and here we were over twenties years later, sharing coffee, gin and rooftops from where we take photos, discuss art, music, philosophy, fashion, food, and culture -- all of this despite a language barrier.

It was though my relationship with her, my German grew as did my propensity for learning my way around the city...we would go for lunch in the forest, get lost and spend the entire day drenched in discourse and sun and have no idea where we were any more than how we arrived there.


Beate Christina Furcht is a stage and film actress, sing; she graduated from the prestigious Academy of Music and Theatre of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy; it is located in the music district of Leipzig. In 2002, she received a two-year engagement at Theater Plauen-Zwickau. There, she played both leading and supporting roles.

In 2003, she played Sabine in a stage version of Sun Alley after the eponymous film by Leander Haussmann. Also during 2003, she played Countess Orsina in Lessing's tragedy Emilia Galotti. She later acted in a variety of state engagements at the Crystal Palace Variety Theatre Leipzig, followed by the theater panopticon in Freiburg im Breisgau and the Theater Magdeburg. In 2008, she played at the Crystal Palace Variety Theatre Leipzig the title role in a modern version of the fairy tale The Snow Queen.

That same year, she took on the role of Miss Sherman at the Theater Magdeburg in the musical Fame . During the 2010 - 2011 theatre season, she sang at the New Drama Leipzig Marie in a revised version of Georg Büchner's play Woyzeck under the title Whyzeck .

It was in 2012 she broadened her repertoire, adding singing to her list of serious pursuits; together with the band Alma de Arrabal, she has enchanted her audiences by breathing life into otherwise traditional French chansons and Cuban and Spanish tangos, some of them written by highly revered musical talents such as Tony Murena , Osvaldo Farres and Astor Piazzolla . Lead by Furcht, Alma de Arrabal has appeared in the New Palace in Bad Lobenstein, Villa Rosenthal and the Moritzbastei in Leipzig.

She continues to act in both film and television; in 2009 she played a "sinister, evil queen" in the fairy tale The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs.


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