jeanette lamb

The Russian film maker, Andrei Tarkovsky described film-making as "sculpting with time." I think, photography, too, takes on this ability--the galleries here are sculptures of moments arrested, framed and re-framed; they represent fragments of time: my past & your present --or my past and my present. Various titles & themes come from literary works by e.e. cummings, Virginia Woolf, Jack Kerouac, and others (all of them tucked inside Proust -- although, they are subject to whimsical changes as a result of unpredictable creative surges).

I am an artist & member of the long-running German women's art collective: GEDOK. I teach Art History & Foreign Civilizations, Literature, & Culture at the University of People -- like a good hobo, I live between Paris, Geneve, Leipzig & Rome.
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