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The great Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky described film-making as "sculpting with time." Photography takes on this ability. The galleries here are sculptures of moments arrested, framed and re-framed. They represent fragments of time: my past & your present.

Various titles come from works by e.e. cummings, Virginia Woolf, Jack Kerouac, and others (all of them tucked inside Proust).   

Jeanette Lamb works in collageDrawing from a wide selection of resources, she combines literature, light, traditional mediums & digital technologies in an attempt to solicit questions about what it is to see, to communicate,  to relay the experiences of life to another.  

She is a member of Europes oldest & largest women's art collective, GEDOK.  Her works have been exhibited internationally and published in Visual VerseDuende (Godard College), Why Hasn't JB Already Disappeared (Delere Press ),  The Daily Pallette (Iowa University),  Zeit Punkt, Leipzig Zeitgeist, Moutainsmith Adventure Photography Series, Dog Traveler among others.

She likes to 

see, reflect, & discover

between writing, researching, and teaching

at the intersections of




and visual arts.  

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