ARTISTS: OUTSIDE THE STUDIO - graffiti goose photography

Artists: Outsde the Studio

Richard Burel was born in Rouen, France, in 1974. A brilliant mixed media artist, Burel specializes in townscape.<br />
His busy scenes with their quirky figures draw us in, to the point where we begin to realise the ordinary can be extraordinary.<br />
Extensively travelled, Burel's work is inspired by the architecture he sees and the different colours, tones and textures of these structures.Completely self-taught, his unique work is humorous with a simple narrative that is characterized and brought to life by his introduction of figures and detail that have amused him or fired his imagination. Burel works mainly in acrylic, using a palette knife, adding pastels, inks and collage to the painting as it develops, to give texture and depth to the vivid colours that so typify his work.You always feel that you would like to visit, or indeed re-visit, a Richard Burel scene.
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