Artist -- Ellie Hesse

Ellie Hesse has painted professionally since 2001, up until the last couple of years, specializing in townscapes. Her more recent focus on the horse as an artistic subject, came about following a period of introspection, during which time, Ellie gradually came to the realization that she could ally her two great passions in life, that of art and that of the horse. Concurrently, Ellie also began to experiment with new media, feeling intuitively that her hand required more freedom of movement. This process of "freeing up" was aided by the temporary abandon of the palette knife in favor of charcoal and a more fluid use of paint. Techniques that allow her to work more sensitively and freely in capturing her new subject's expression and movement. The resulting collection of work, reflects Ellie's deep love and long standing fascination with horses. Their form, emotion and movement, providing her with a powerful source of inspiration . Ellie has exhibited her work at the following galleries and art fairs: AAF New York and Los Angeles 2012 with Store Street Gallery, London (horse work) AAF Brussels 2010 with Bell Fine Art, Winchester AAF London 2007-12 with Bell Fine Art (horse work) AAF Bristol 2008-2012 with Bell Fine Art The Moreton Gallery, Moreton-in-Marsh 2012 (horse work) Purple Gallery, Birmingham (horse work), 2012 The Montpellier Gallery, Cheltenham (horse work) 2011-2012 Off the Wall Gallery, Cardiff (horse work), 2010-2012 Fountain Fine Art, Llandeilo,Wales (horse work) 2010-2012 The Bluestone Gallery, Devizes 2008-2012 La Perdrix Arts Centre, Riberac, France 2010 The Atrium Gallery, Bath 2007-2011 The Saddler Gallery, Wells 2008-2010 Darcy Gallery, Cheltenham 2008 The Bay Tree Gallery, Bradford-on-Avon 2008

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